10. Always Carry an Umbrella


While Mother Nature can give you a beautiful day in New York, sometimes it doesn’t last long. The weather always changes on a dime. Sometimes the sun is shining and it will rain out of nowhere, or simply just get cold.

That being said, always carry an umbrella and layers, layers, layers!

9. Bring Your Walking Shoes


New Yorkers are sharply dressed people. We always have the latest fashions, and we have the flagship stores to many of the greatest designers.

New York is not a city for motorists. Where are a city for walking, and I mean w-a-l-k-i-n-g. Rather than get blisters, destroy your designer heels , or make your podiatrist too rich, I suggest sneakers on the streets and Jimmy Choo’s when you hit the event, got it?

8. It Should Be Re-Named Neverland


The taxpayers of this town, while they might file every April 15, are determined never to grow up or grow old. Many of the Peter and Princess Pans are chasing artistic ambitions, married to their careers, or just want to pAArty like they are 20 even into their 40s. While the rest of the world has a house, kids, a spouse, we hold off on thinking of those things until maybe we are 35…..and even still that’s a little too young.

7. Casual Sex is A-Ok


Because we don’t grow up and get married until we are older, we don’t frown upon casual sex. Good news, your friends won’t judge you if you decide to sleep around every once in a while. Your sexual habits are your business and that’s cool. What isn’t cool are STDs and unplanned pregnancy, so wrap it before you tap it.

6. We Are Many Different People on a Very Small Island


New Yorkers are incredibly varied and out in the open about who they are whether it comes to their nationality, race, orientation, religion or whatever else. Gay couples are affectionate out in the open, and interracial dating is not frowned upon in the least. People are also strong about their beliefs too. So have an open mind and an open heart.

5. New Yorkers Are Helpful


There is this nasty rumor that New Yorkers are unfriendly. NOT TRUE! We are all just in a hurry. However, if you stop to ask someone for directions they will give them to you. If you fall down, people will help you up. If you get hurt, 6 strangers will call 9-1-1 and make sure you aren’t alone until an ambulance gets there.

4. New Yorkers Stay in Their Neighborhoods


Yes, this is a big city. However, most of the time, except for work, people don’t leave their hood unless they have to. Everyone has their coffee shop, dry cleaner, gym, and diner that they brunch at. Most of the time, their friends are in their hood too.

Secret: We are a city of home bodies….shhhhh!!!

3. A Bad Day Really Sucks


When it rains it pours, especially in New York. Yes, when things are tough they are really hard. This is why people jump. Don’t jump, it does get better. Find a secret, happy place. All us locals have them. Or have a good cry, it releases the angst. Then get a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow is always better.

2. You’ll Get A Crash Course in Friendship


During your first year in NYC, you’ll make friends. However, very quickly, you will find out which ones are “friends” and which ones that are real friends. The discovery might hurt, but it also might pleasantly surprise you. The ones that come through for you will be so amazing you will want to cry tears of joy. Don’t let these people go, and return the favor.

1. New Yorkers Band Together in a Crisis


Whether it is 9/11, Hurricane Sandy or anything else, New Yorkers unite and show the world how tough we are. We band together and make the best of a tough decision. This is why Godzilla, King Kong, and the Stay Puffed Marshmallow Man, although they have tried, have never been able to take us down.

Those are ten quick and easy lessons. Welcome, and enjoy paying inflated rent!